Classification of Mixtures


This is a mathematical calculation program that will help you calculate the classification of a mixture in terms of risk phrases and hazard symbols.

Make sure that the substance windows for the substances included in the mixture are opened and thereby activated. Then start the calculation program "Classification of mixtures". Enter the total concentration in the mixture of each substance and click the calculation button. When the concentrations for all the substances have been entered the program will present a suggestion for risk phrases and hazard symbols. Note that the program does not take into account synergistic effects or any chemical reactions that may occur between substances in the mixture. However, the program will use concentration limits determined for individual substances. For substances that lack individual concentration limits, standard limits will be applied according to 1999/45/EC with amendments.


Note that Type only is necessary to choose when calculating Marine Pollutant.


Marine pollutant for sea transports


This program will calculate whether or not a specific mixture must carry the label "Marine Pollutant" when transported at sea, and in addition, a text is presented to indicate if the mixture is classified as "Marine Pollutant" or "Severe Marine Pollutant".




If one of the risk phrases 10, 11 or 12 is applicable to each of the substances in the mixture, the flammability will also be calculated.